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Amir Abrams

Hollywood High

Get Ready for War (Hollywood High)

Put Your Diamonds Up! (Hollywood High)

Lights, Love & Lip Gloss (Hollywood High)

The Girl of His Dreams (Mcpherson High)

Diva Rules (Mcpherson High)

Artist Arthur

Manifest (A Mystyx Novel) 

Mystify (A Mystyx Novel)

Mutiny (A Mystyx Novel)

Mayhem (A Mystyx Novel)

Mesmerize (A Mystyx Novel)

Derrick Barnes

The Making of Dr. Trulove

Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Nothing but Drama (Good Girlz) #1

Blessings in Disguise (Good Girlz) #2

With Friends Like These (Good Girlz) #3

Caught Up in the Drama (Good Girlz) #4

Getting Even (Good Girlz) #5

Friends ‘til the End (Good Girlz) #6

Fair-Weather Friends (Good Girlz) #7

Drama Queens (Good Girlz) #8

Rumor Central #1

You Don’t Know Me Like That (Rumor Central) #2

As Real As It Gets (Rumor Central) #3

Truth or Dare (Rumor Central) #4

Boy Trouble (Rumor Central) #5

Eye Candy (Rumor Central) #6

B.A. Binns

Die Trying and Other Stories

Pull (Farrington Tales) #1

Minority Of One (Farrington Tales) #3

Malorie Blackman

Trust Me

Noughts & Crosses #1

An Eye for an Eye #2

Knife Edge #3

Checkmate #4

Double Cross #5

Boys Don’t Cry

Coe Booth

Tyrell #1

Kendra #2 

Bronxwood #3

Simone Bryant



A.J. Byrd

Chasing Romeo

Losing Romeo

Cassandra Carter

Fast Life

16 Isn’t Always Sweet

Danita Carter

Peer Pleasure: A Novel

Nikki Carter

Not a Good Look  (Fab Life) #1

All the Wrong Moves (Fab Life) #2

Doing My Own Thing (Fab Life) #3

On the Flip Side (Fab Life) #4

Time to Shine (Fab Life) #5

Get Over It (Fab Life) #6

It Is What It Is (So For Real) #2

It’s All Good (So For Real) #3

Cool Like That (So For Real) #4

The Break-up Diaries Vol. 2

Veronica Chambers


Alice Childress

Rainbow Jordan

Those Other People

Dhonielle Clayton

Tiny Pretty Things

Deborah J. Copeland

The Kids at Latimar High

Cecil R. Cross II

First Semester

Next Semester

Dana Davidson

Jason & Kyra


L. Divine

Second Chance (Drama High #1)

The Fight (Drama High #2)

Jayd’s Legacy (Drama High #3)

Frenemies (Drama High #4) 

Lady J (Drama High #5)

Courtin’ Jayd: (Drama High #6)

Hustlin’ (Drama High #7)

Keep It Movin’: (Drama High #8)

Holidaze (Drama High #9)

Culture Clash (Drama High #10)

Cold as Ice (Drama High #11)

Pushin’: (Drama High #12)

The Meltdown (Drama High #13)

So, So Hood (Drama High #14)

Street Soldiers (Drama High #15)

Celise Downs

Secrets And Kisses

 Sharon M. Draper

Darkness Before Dawn (The Hazelwood Trilogy, #3)

Romiette and Julio

The Battle of Jericho (The Jericho Trilogy #1)

November Blues (The Jericho Trilogy #2)

Just Another Hero (The Jericho Trilogy #3)

Phillip Thomas Duck

Dirty Jersey

Diana Evans

26a: A Novel

Mari Evans

I’m Late: The Story of Laneese and Moonlight and Alisha Who Didn’t Have Anyone of Her Own

Sharon Flake

Who Am I Without Him?

Nina Foxx


Shelia Goss

The Ultimate Test (The Lip Gloss Chronicles #1)

Splitsville: The Lip Gloss Chronicles #2)

Paper Thin (Lip Gloss Chronicles #3)

Secrets Untold (The Lip Gloss Chronicles #4)

Christopher Grant


Nikki Grimes

A Girl Named Mister

Rosa Guy


The Music of Summer

Virginia Hamilton

A White Romance

Sonia Hayes

Ms. Thang (The ATL Girlz #1)

Urban Goddess (The Atl Girlz #2)

Eye Candy (The Atl Girlz #3)

Lorri Hewett

Lives of Our Own

Coming of Age

Ernest Hill

A Life for a Life: A Novel

Crystal Hubbard

IQ High

Langston Hughes

Tambourines to Glory

 Beverly Jenkins



 Angela Johnson

The First Part Last

Sweet, Hereafter

Certain October

R.M. Johnson

Stacie & Cole

Varian Johnson

Saving Maddie

Dream Jordan

Hot Girl

Bad Boy

Kristin Hunter Lattany

God Bless the Child

Lou in the Limelight

Julius Lester

Othello: A Novel

Kelli London

Charly’s Epic Fiascos #1

Reality Check (Charly’s Epic Fiascos #2)

Boyfriend Season #1

Cali Boys (Boyfriend Season #2)

Monica McKayhan

Indigo Summer (Indigo Novel #1) 

Trouble Follows (Indigo Novel #2)

The Pact (Indigo Novel #3)

Jaded (Indigo Novel #4)

Deal With It (Indigo Novel #5) 

Step Up (Indigo Novel #6)

Louise Meriwether

Daddy Was a Number Runner 

Wendy Raven McNair



Mitzi Miller & Denene Millner

Hotlanta, #1 

If you Only Knew (Hotlanta #2)

What Goes Around (Hotlanta #3)

Stephanie Perry Moore

Staying Pure (Payton Skky #1)

Purity Reigns (Laurel Shadrach #)

Prime Choice (Perry Skky Jr. #1)

Always Upbeat/All That

Walter Dean Myers


Motown and Didi: A Love Story

Street Love

The Outside Shot

The Mouse Rap

What They Found: Love on 145th Street

Celeste O. Norfleet

Getting Played (Kimani TRU) #1

Pushing Pause (Kimani Tru #2)

Fast Forward (Kimani Tru #3)

Felicia Pride

Hallway Diaries

Patterson Heights

Debbie Rigaud

Hallway Diaries

Perfect Shot (The Romantic Comedies)

Dona Sarkar

Shrink To Fit (Kimani Tru)

How To Salsa In A Sari (Kimani Tru)

Carla Sarratt

Just Be

Nyomi Scott

Gettin’ Hooked (Kimani TRU)

Earl Sewell

If I Were Your Boyfriend (Kimani TRU)

Lesson Learned (Kimani TRU)

NiNi Simone

A Girl Like Me

Teenage Love Affair

If I Was Your Girl

Shortie Like Me

Upgrade U 

Charles R. Smith


Chandra Sparks Taylor

The Pledge (Kimani TRU)

The Promise (Kimani Tru)

Jacquelin Thomas

Simply Divine 2006 #1

Divine Confidential #2

Divine Secrets (The Divine Series #3)

Divine Match-Up (The Divine Series #4)

It’s a Curl Thing (Divine & Friends #1

Split Ends (Divine and Friends #2)

Joyce Carol Thomas

Joyce Carol Thomas: Collected Novels for Teens

Renee Watson

This Side of Home

 Lori Aurelia Williams

When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune

Broken China

Rita Williams-Garcia

Every Time a Rainbow Dies

Sherri Winston


 Jacqueline Woodson

The House You Pass on the Way

I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This #1

Lena #2

If You Come Softly

Bil Wright

Putting Makeup On The Fat Boy

Sunday You Learn How To Box

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Orphea Proud

Tiphanie Yanique

Land of Love and Drowning: A Novel