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Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus!

Maya Angelou

Maya’s World: Izak of Lapland 

Maya’s World: Mikale of Hawaii

Maya’s World: Angelina of Italy

Maya’s World: Renee Marie of France 

Ronde & Tiki Barber


By My Brother’s Side 

Game Day 

Garcelle Beauvais

I Am Mixed 

I Am Living in 2 Homes 

I Am Awesome 

Lucille Clifton

Some of the Days of Everett Anderson

Everett Anderson’s Nine Month Long 

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye

Everett Anderson’s Christmas Coming 

One of the Problems of Everett Anderson 

Everett Anderson’s Friend 

Everett Anderson’s 1-2-3 

Everett Anderson’s Year

One of the Problems of Everett Anderson 

Pat Cummings

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon 

Harvey Moon, Museum Boy 

Jean Alicia Elster

Just Call Me Joe Joe (Joe Joe in the City #1)

I Have a Dream, Too! (Joe Joe in the City #2)

I’ll Fly My Own Plane (Joe Joe in the City #3) 

I’ll Do the Right Thing (Joe Joe in the City #4)

Valerie Flournoy

The Patchwork Quilt#1 

Tanya’s Reunion #2 

Nikki Grimes

Meet Danitra Brown #1

Danitra Brown Leaves Town #2

Danitra Brown, Class Clown #3

Angela Johnson

Lotte Paris Lives Here #1 

Lottie Paris and the Best Place #2 

Eve Lynne

Ella B. Jenkins Meets President Barack Obama

Ella B. Jenkins Meets First Lady Michelle Obama 

Denise Walter McConduit

D.J. and the Saints 

J. and the Debutante Ball (The D. J. Series #3)

J. and the Jazz Fest (The D. J. Series #2)

J. and the Zulu Parade (The D. J. Series #1) 

Fredrick & Patricia McKissack

Messy Bessey’s School Desk 

Messy Bessey’s Holidays 

Messy Bessey’s Family Reunion 

Messy Bessey and the Birthday Overnight 

Messy Bessey’s Closet 

Messy Bessey’s Garden 

Phil Mendez

Kissyfur of Paddlecab County

Kissyfur and the Birthday Hugs

Shelia P. Moses

Sallie Gal and The Wall-a-kee Man

Allyson Neal

Ava Lillian’s Blessing 

Ava Lillian Goes to School 

Ava the Angel 

Ava Lillian’s Christmas Play 

Ava Lillian’s Ballet Recital 

Teresa Reed

Rain, Rain, Go Away Gullah Gullah Island #1

Happy Birthday, Daddy Gullah Gullah Island #2 

Chental Song-Bembry

The Honey Bunch Kids: School’s In Session (Book #1) 

The Honey Bunch Kids: School’s In Session (Book #2)

C. JoVan Williams

Veggie’s Bully #2 

Chef ReCee Jay & Friends: Our Picnic Surprise #1 

Cynthia G. Williams

Enid and the Church Fire (Our Neighborhood)

Enid and the Dangerous Discovery (Our Neighborhood)

Enid and the Homecoming (Our Neighborhood) 

Enid and the Great Idea (Our Neighborhood)

Ken Wilson-Max


Max Loves Sunflowers 

Max’s Money 

Max’s Letter 

Max Paints the House 

Max’s Starry Night