Fiction > Picture > Self-Discovery/Identity/Love

Debbie Allen

Dancing in the Wings 

Maya Angelou

Maya’s World: Mikale of Hawaii 

Jason Armstrong

Chocolate Mixer 

Ronde & Tiki Barber


By My Brother’s Side

Ysaye M. Barnwell

No Mirrors in My Nana’s House: Musical CD and Book

Garcelle Beauvais

I Am Mixed 

I Am Awesome 

Becky Birtha

Grandma’s Pride

Tameka Fryer Brown

My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood     

Charisse Carney-Nunes


Tiffany Catledge

Mixed Me: A Tale of a Girl Who Is Both Black and White

Marie A. Celestin

The Unaccepted Child

Faustin Charles

The Selfish Crocodile Book of Colours 

The Selfish Crocodile Book of Numbers 

Selfish Crocodile Book of Words 

The Selfish Crocodile 

Katina Chimney

Keilah West: The World’s Greatest Klutz

Misty Copeland


Alexis De Veaux

An Enchanted Hair Tale 

Taye Diggs

Mixed Me!

Chocolate Me!

 Sylviane Anna Diouf

Bintou’s Braids 

Tony Dungy

You Can Do It!

Mari Evans

Look at Me!

Dwayne Ferguson

The Amazing Adventures of Abiola

Bernette Ford

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

Angela Freeman

Omowale & the Butterfly

Nilajah’s Dolls

A Warrior’s Lunch: Message to the Black Family 

Roz Grace

Trina’s Family Reunion 

Anthony’s Surprise

Why Is John Special?

Eloise Greenfield



Nikki Grimes

Wild, Wild Hair 

Poems in the Attic 

Carolivia Herron

Nappy Hair 

Sandy Lynne Holman

Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad? 

Grandma Says Our Hair Has Flair 

bell hooks

Happy to Be Nappy 

Skin Again

P.B. Jeffrey

The Flyers and The Crawlers: An Anti-Bullying Book 

Myles E. Johnson

Large Fears

Vincent L. Johnson

Of Corn Silk and Black Braids 

Brian Jordan

I Told You I Can Play! 

Noelle Lamperti

Brown Like Me 

Queen Latifah

Queen of the Scene

Julius Lester


Patricia McKissack

Goin’ Someplace Special 

Phil Mendez

The Black Snowman

Isabell Monk



Blackberry Stew

Thylias Moss

I Want to Be 

Christopher Myers


Walter Dean Myers

Looking Like Me

Kadir Nelson

Baby Bear 

Marilyn Nelson

Ostrich and Lark

Tina Olajide

Emi’s Curly Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

Brian Pinkney

On the Ball 

James E. Ransome

Gunner, Football Hero 

Calida Garcia Rawles

Same Difference 

Belinda Rochelle

When Jo Louis Won the Title 

Dennis Rodman

Dennis the Wild Bull 

Andrea Ross

Littlest Ballerina 

Itah Sadu

Name Calling

Nik Scott

My Hair is So Happy

Crystal Senter-Brown

Gabby Saturday 

Irene Smalls

Don’t Say Ain’t

Ebony Sea

Crystal Swain-Bates

Big Hair Don’t Care

The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star: A Coloring and Activity Book

The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay: A Coloring and Activity Book 

Natasha Tarpley

I Love My Hair!

Christine Taylor-Butler

I Am Smart

Pamela M. Tuck

The Adventure of Sheldon, the Mushroom 

Nicole Updegraff

I Love my Cotton Candy Hair! (A girl named Charlie presents…)

David & Mutiya Visions


What Makes Me Beautiful? 

Alice Walker

Finding the Green Stone

C. JoVan William

Veggie’s Bully #2 

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Something Beautiful 

Camille Yarbrough


Tamika and the Wisdom Rings 

Benjamin Zephaniah

Being Cool