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John Agard

Brer Rabbit, the Great Tug-O-War

Debbie Allen

Brothers of the Knight 

James Berry

Don’t Leave an Elephant to Go and Chase a Bird 

First Palm Trees 

Petronella Breinburg

Stories from the Caribbean

JaNay Brown-Wood

Imani’s Moon

Ashley Bryan

Can’t Scare Me!

Beautiful Blackbird 

The Night Has Ears: African Proverbs 

Ashley Bryan’s African Tales, Uh-Huh

The Story of Lightning and Thunder

Ox of the Wonderful Horns and Other African Folktales 

Turtle Knows Your Name

Beat the Story Drum, Pum-Pum

Lion and the Ostrich Chicks and Other African Folk Poems

The Cat’s Purr 

The Dancing Granny 

Adventures of Aku 

Eboni Bynum

Jamari’s Drum 

Deborah M. Newton Chocolate

Spider and the Sky God

Imani in the Belly

Talk, Talk: An Ashanti Legend 

Gregory Christie

Evelyn Coleman

The Foot Warmer and the Crow 

Trish Cooke

How Anansi Got His Stories 

No Dinner for Anansi 

Nina Crews

Jack and the Beanstalk 

Pat Cummings

Ananse and the Lizard: A West African Tale 

Ronald Daise

Little Muddy Waters: A Gullah Folk Tale 

Edwidge Danticat

Mama’s Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation 

Ruby Dee

Two Ways To Count To Ten

Tower to Heaven 

Baba Wagué Diakité

A Hunterman and the Crocodile: A West African Folktale 

The Hatseller and the Monkeys 

The Magic Gourd 

Mee-An and the Magic Serpent 

Penda Diakité

Tooth In Africa

T. Obinkaram Echewa

The Magic Tree: A Folktale from Nigeria

Veronica Freeman Ellis

Land of the Four Winds: Kpa Nieh Kpau

Mari Evans

Jim Flying High 

Bernette Ford

Little Red Riding Hood 

The Hunter Who Was King and Other African Tales 

Nikki Giovanni

The Genie in The Jar 

The Grasshopper’s Song: An Aesop’s Fable Revisited 

Rosa Guy

Mother Crocodile: An Uncle Amadou Tale from Senegal

Virginia Hamilton

The Girl Who Spun Gold

Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl

Wee Winnie Witch’s Skinny: An Original African American Scare Tale 

Janice N. Harrington

Busy-Busy Little Chick

Ricardo Keens-Douglas

Mama God, Papa God: A Caribbean Tale 


LaDiablesse and the Baby

The Nutmeg Princess 

Alicia Keys

Blue Moon: From the Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee 

Mary Dixon Lake

Royal Drum: An Ashanti Tale 

Jacob Lawrence

Aesop’s Fables 

Julius Lester

The Man Who Knew Too Much

John Henry  

Albidaro and the Mischievous Dream  

Why Heaven is Far Away.

Alice McGill

Sure As Sunrise: Stories of Bruh Rabbit and his Walkin’ Talkin’ Friends

Patricia McKissack

Precious and the Boo Hag

Flossie and the Fox

Itching And Twitching

A Million Fish…More or Less 

Robert McKissack

Itching And Twitching 

Angela Shelf Medearis

Too Much Talk: A West African Folktale

Tololwa M. Mollel

The Princess Who Lost Her Hair: An Akamba Legend

Subira Subira 

Orphan Boy 

Kitoto the Mighty 

Ananse’s Feast: An Ashanti Tale

Big Boy

Toni & Slade Morrison

The Tortoise or the Hare 

The Ant or the Grasshopper? (Who’s Got Game?)

Poppy or the Snake? (Who’s Got Game?)

The Lion or the Mouse? (Who’s Got Game?)

Walter Dean Myers

Mr. Monkey and the Gotcha Bird: An Original Tale 

Looking for the Easy Life 

The Dragon Takes a Wife

Marilyn Nelson

Ostrich and Lark 

Jerdine Nolen

Big Jabe 

Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life 

Isaac Olaleye

In the Rainfield

Bitter Bananas 

Jerry Pinkney

The Grasshopper & the Ants 

Tamara Pizzoli

The Ghanaian Goldilocks 

Dylan Pritchett

The First Music

Desmond Reid

Dana Meets the Cow Who Lost Its Moo 

Faith Ringgold

The Invisible Princess

Adjai Robinson

Three African Tales 

Singing Tales of Africa  

Dorothy W. Robinson

The Legend of Africania 

Melodye Benson Rosales

Double Dutch and the Voodoo Shoes

Carmen Rubin

The Gifted Guitar

Itah Sadu

How the Coconut Got Its Face

John Steptoe

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale 

The Story of Jumping Mouse

Efua Sutherland (Theodora Morgue)

The Voice in the Forest 

Veronique Tadjo

Mamy Wata and the Monster

Grandma Nana 

Lord of the Dance: An African Retelling

Natasha Tarpley

The Princess and the Frog: Princess Tiana and the Royal Ball

Joyce Carol Thomas

The Gospel Cinderella

The Three Witches 

Donna L. Washington

A Big Spooky House 

Sheron Williams

Imani’s Music 

And in the Beginning…