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Debbie Allen

Brothers of the Knight 

Maya Angelou

Maya’s World: Izak of Lapland 

Kofi and His Magic 

Maya’s World: Mikale of Hawaii 

Glenda Armand

Love Twelve Miles Long 

Jabari Asim

Boy of Mine 

Adwoa Badoe

The Runaway Bicycle 

Champion Runner

Michael S. Bandy

Granddaddy’s Turn 

White Water 

Ronde & Tiki Barber


By My Brother’s Side

Game Day

Derrick Barnes

Stop, Drop, and Chill

The Low-Down, Bad-Day Blues

 Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert

Papa’s Mark 

The Barber’s Cutting Edge 

The Music in Derrick’s Heart

Robin Bernard

Juma and the Honey-Guide: An African Story 

Becky Birtha

Lucky Beans 

Candy Dawson Boyd

Daddy, Daddy, Be There

Tonii Fowler Brady

Jeremy Has No Dad

Marie Bradby

More Than Anything Else

The Longest Wait 

Petronella Breinburg

Shawn’s Red Bike

Shawn Goes to School 

Tameka Fryer Brown

My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood  

 Ashley Bryan

Can’t Scare Me! 

Eboni Bynum

Jamari’s Drum 

Tisha Campbell-Martin

My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play: Autism From a Siblings Perspective 

Lucille Clifton

The Boy Who Didn’t Believe In Spring 

Good, Says Jerome 

All Us Come Cross the Water 

My Friend Jacob 


Some of the Days of Everett Anderson 

Everett Anderson’s Nine Month Long 

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye 

Everett Anderson’s Christmas Coming 

One of the Problems of Everett Anderson

Everett Anderson’s Friend

Everett Anderson’s 1-2-3 

Everett Anderson’s Year 

One of the Problems of Everett Anderson 

Bryan Collier


Trish Cooke

Look Back! 

Floyd Cooper

Max and the Tag-Along Moon 

Willie and the All-Stars 

Nina Crews

Jack and the Beanstalk


Pat Cummings

Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon 

Harvey Moon, Museum Boy 

Jimmy Lee Did It

Gavin Curtis

The Bat Boy and His Violin 

Monalisa DeGross

Granddaddy’s Street Songs

Alexis De Veaux

An Enchanted Hair Tale 

Tanji Dewberry

Oh Fiddlesticks! 

Taye Diggs

Chocolate Me!

Mixed Me!

Kevin Dove

Sir Nick of Tyme 

Alice Faye Duncan

Willie Jerome 

Miss Viola and Uncle Ed Lee

Tony Dungy

You Can Do It! 

T. Obinkaram Echewa

The Magic Tree: A Folktale from Nigeria 

Zetta Elliott


Jean Alicia Elster

Just Call Me Joe Joe (Joe Joe in the City #1) 

I Have a Dream, Too! (Joe Joe in the City #2)

I’ll Fly My Own Plane (Joe Joe in the City #3)

I’ll Do the Right Thing (Joe Joe in the City #4)

Freddi Williams Evans

Hush Harbor: Praying in Secret 

Shane W. Evans

Olu’s Dream

Dwayne Ferguson

The Amazing Adventures of Abiola 

Captain Africa: The Battle for Egyptica 

Valerie Flournoy

The Best Time of Day 

Bernette Ford

Just For You! Don’t Hit Me 

Just For You!: Hurry Up!

Juwanda Ford

Just For You!: Shop Talk 

Just For You! Sunday Best 

Jeron Ashford Frame

Yesterday I Had the Blues

Angela Freeman

Omowale & the Butterfly 

Roz Grace

Anthony’s Surprise 

Lorenz B. Graham

Song of the Boat

Eloise Greenfield

Good News

She Come Bringing Me that Little Baby Girl

First Pink Light

I Can Do It by Myself 

Big Friend, Little Friend

My Daddy and I

William and the Good Old Days 

Nathaniel Talking 

Rosa Guy

Billy the Great

Janice N. Harrington

Roberto Walks Home  

Patricia Hinds

My Best Friend 

bell hooks

Be Boy Buzz 

Gwendolyn Hooks

The Mystery Of The Missing Dog

 Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard

When Will Sarah Come?

Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys

Dakari Hru

Joshua’s Masai Mask 

The Magic Moonberry Jump Ropes

Wade Hudson

Just For You!: The Two Tyrones  

Jamal’s Busy Day (A Feeling Good Book) 

Robo’s Favorite Places 

Angela Johnson

When I Was Little

Joshua’s Night Whispers 

Rain Feet

Joshua By The Sea

I Dream of Trains

Dolores Johnson

What Kind of Baby-Sitter Is This?

Grandma’s Hands

Your Dad Was Just Like You 

My Mom is My Show-and-Tell 

Myles E. Johnson

Large Fears 

Vincent L. Johnson

Malik and the Magnificent Glowing Light 

Joy Jones

Tambourine Moon 

Brian Jordan

I Told You I Can Play! 

Ricardo Keens-Douglas

Grandpa’s Visit 

Johnathon Kelly

Aiden and the Apple Tree

Mary Dixon Lake

Juicy Peach

My Circus Family 

Denize Lauture

Father and Son 

Julius Lester

Sam and the Tigers

Janice Liddell

Imani and the Flying Africans 

Lessie Jones Little

I Can Do It by Myself 

LL Cool J

Hip Kid Hop And the Winner Is

Errol Lloyd

The Big Gold Robbery 


Y Has a Long Tail 

Kelly Starling Lyons

Tea Cakes for Tosh

Sharon Bell Mathis

The Hundred Penny Box 

Denise Walter McConduit

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Read 

D.J. and the Saints

J. and the Debutante Ball (The D. J. Series #3) 

J. and the Jazz Fest (The D. J. Series #2) 

J. and the Zulu Parade (The D. J. Series #1)

 Patricia McKissack

Ma Dear’s Aprons 

Tony Medina

Deshawn Days 

Christmas Makes Me Think 

Phil Mendez

The Black Snowman

Tololwa M. Mollel

My Rows and Piles of Coins 

Orphan Boy

Kele’s Secret

Big Boy

Hopi Morton

Little Bill: Yay! A Snow Day

Christopher Myers


H.O.R.S.E.: A Game of Basketball and Imagination


Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

The Book Itch: Freedom, Truth, and Harlem’s Greatest Bookstore 

Ready? Set. Raymond!

Barbara J. Newkirk

Bedtime Fun 

Natorya Nicole

EJ and Sis: Time Out…Learning Tool 

Pierre Yves Njeng

Vacation in the Village: A Story from West Africa 

Jerdine Nolen


Plantzilla Goes to Camp 

Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life

Isaac Olaleye

Bikes For Rent 

Lake of the Big Snake 

Denise Lewis Patrick

Case of the Missing Cookies Gullah Gullah Island #4 

Brian Pinkney

On the Ball 

Max Found Two Sticks 

The Adventures Of Sparrowboy 

Cosmo and the Robot 

Tamara Pizzoli

The Ghanaian Goldilocks

Vashanti Rahaman

Read for Me, Mama

Calvin Alexander Ramsey

Belle, The Last Mule at Gee’s Bend: A Civil Rights Story 

James E. Ransome

New Red Bike!

Gunner, Football Hero

Desmond Reid

Dana Meets the Cow Who Lost Its Moo 

Harriette Robinet

Ride the Red Cycle 

Jay and the Marigold

Adjai Robinson

Kasho and the Twin Flutes 

Femi and Old Granddaddie

Irene Smalls

Kevin and His Dad 

Jonathan and His Mommy

Because You’re Lucky 

My Pop Pop and Me 

Charles R. Smith

Rimshots: Basketball Pix, Rolls, and Rhythms

Let’s Play Basketball!

Will Smith

Just the Two of Us

John Steptoe




Daddy Is a Monster…Sometimes 

Train Ride 

Michael R. Strickland

Haircuts at Sleepy Sam’s

Bettye Stroud

Dance Y’all 

Crystal Swain-Bates

The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay: A Coloring and Activity Book

Natasha Tarpley

Bippity Bop Barbershop

Joe-Joe’s First Flight

Debbie A. Taylor

Sweet Music in Harlem 

Christine Taylor-Butler

Just For You!: No Boys Allowed! 

Justin Tuck

Home-Field Advantage

Patricia E. Van West

The Crab Man 

David & Mutiya Visions

My Choices Make Me Who I Am

Alice Walker

Finding the Green Stone

Dionne Warwick

Little Man

Edger White

Children at Night 

Omar at Christmas 

Mary Williams

Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

Ken Wilson-Max


Max Loves Sunflowers 

Max’s Money 

Max’s Letter 

Max Paints the House

Max’s Starry Night 

Dexter Gets Dressed! 

Carvin Winans

Conrad Saves Pinger Park

Marshalette Wise

Johnny’s Birthday Surprise: Shhhh!!!! It’s a Secret! 

Bye-Bye Big Bully

Benjamin Zephaniah

Being Cool