Fiction > Chapter/Middle > Biracial/Multiracial (Cultural)

Jacqueline Turner Banks

A Day for Vincent Chin and Me 

Malorie Blackman

Wonder to the Rescue #3 

Veronica Chambers

Marisol and Magdalena: The Sound of Our Sisterhood 

Quinceanera Means Sweet Fifteen

Pansie Hart Flood

It’s Test Day, Tiger Turcotte #1

I Tiger Turcotte Takes on the Know-It-All #2

Sundee T. Frazier

Brendan Buckley’s Universe and Everything in It #1 

Brendan Buckley’s Sixth-Grade Experiment #2 

The Other Half of My Heart 

Frankcina Glass

Marvin and Tige 

Deborah Gregory

The Cheetah Girls #01: Wishing on a Star

The Cheetah Girls #02: Shop in the Name of Love 

The Cheetah Girls #03: Who’s ‘Bout to Bounce? 

Cheetah Girls #04: Hey, Ho, Hollywood!

The Cheetah Girls #05: Woof, There It Is

The Cheetah Girls #06: It’s Raining Benjamins 

The Cheetah Girls #07 Dorinda’s Secret

The Cheetah Girls #08: Growl Power

The Cheetah Girls #09: Showdown at the Okie-Dokie

The Cheetah Girls #10: Cuchifrita, Ballerina

The Cheetah Girls #11: Dorinda Gets a Groove

The Cheetah Girls #12: In the House with Mouse! 

The Cheetah Girls #13: Oops, Doggy Dog!

The Cheetah Girls: Movie Junior Novel #1

The Cheetah Girls: Movie Junior Novel #2

Nikki Grimes

The Road to Paris

Frederic Guirma

Tales of Mogho: African Stories from Upper Volta 

Virginia Hamilton

Arilla Sun Down

In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World

Plain City


Joanne Hyppolite

Ola Shakes It Up 

Seth and Samona

Ricardo Keens-Douglas

Tales from the Isle of Spices: A Collection of New Caribbean Folk Tales 

Anancy and the Haunted House 

The Trial of the Stone: A Folk Tale 

Freedom Child of the Sea

Errol Lloyd

Many Rivers to Cross

Kekla Magoon

Camo Girl 

Raven Magwood

Double Sided

Kioi wa Mbugua

Inkishu: Myths and Legends of the Massai

Vivian W. Owens

Nadanda, the Wordmaker

M LaVora Perry

Taneesha Never Disparaging

Wu-lung & I-lung 

Ann Petry

Tituba of Salem Village 

Lehman Riley

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: Dr. Daniel Williams and the First Successful Heart Surgery in 1893 #6 

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: The California Gold Rush #5 

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: The Life of Babe Didrikson “Greatness is Never Forgotten” #4 

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: World War II, The Navajo Wind Talkers #3 

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: The Dangerous Escape from Slavery #2 

The Adventures of Papa Lemon’s Little Wanderers: Meeting Dr. Martin Luther King #1

Andrew F. Salkey


Brother Anancy and Other Stories 




Tara Demps Soyinka

A Test for Tayesha (NEATE)

Octavia Spencer

The Sweetest Heist in History 

Veronique Tadjo

Chasing the Sun: Stories from Africa 

Mildred D. Taylor

The Land  (Logan Series # 5)

Kim Wayans

All Mixed Up! (Amy Hodgepodge #1)

Happy Birthday to Me (Amy Hodgepodge #2) 

Lost and Found (Amy Hodgepodge #3)

Playing Games (Amy Hodgepodge #4) 

The Secret’s Out (Amy Hodgepodge #5) 

Maiya Williams

The Hour of the Cobra #2 

The Golden Hour #1 

Brenda Woods

The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond

Jacqueline Woodson

Between Madison and Palmetto #3 

From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun 

Sharon Dennis Wyeth

The World of Daughter McGuire

Benjamin Zephaniah

Wicked World 

Schools’ Out 

Funky Chicken 

Talking Turkeys