Reid, Shawn L.

Shawn L. Reid

Authentic Multicultural Storyteller

“Everyone has a story to tell. My mission is to tell wonderful and engaging stories that promote an understanding of differences and define our commonalities. Our mission is to discover exactly what our purpose entails. My mission is to energize this relationship through the art of storytelling.”

Shawn is from the Midwest (Ohio) and currently resides in Florida and has served in various capacities of early childhood education for the past 20 years. He is currently a Fiscal Specialist with the Head Start National Center for Program Management and Fiscal Operations which provides direct support to every Head Start program in the country.

Shawn is known for creating characters that are memorable and identifiable to the audience. His natural ability to transform real life situations to family values, relationships, and memorable moments is unparalleled. Shawn creates characters that are relatable to multi-ethnic, multi-racial people; particularly those who identify with their rich heritage.

“I grew up with a strong family unit that included spending time with my paternal Grandmother. She taught me how to cook and to bake a peach cobbler from scratch. Valuable life lessons were taught during the time spent in her kitchen.”

Shawn writes predominantly children’s stories, but also has written several film screenplays and treatments.

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