BCBA Spotlight: Kwame Alexander

It’s been a fantastic year for poet and author Kwame Alexander. His book, The Crossover, won the Newberry Medal (listen to his fabulous acceptance speech below) as well as a Coretta Scott King Author Honor and other distinctions. The book is written entirely in verse and is a coming-of-age story about twin brothers who play basketball. Besides writing, Alexander is active in promoting literature via his educational program Book-in-a-Day, which inspires young people to read and write.

I often hear that boys don’t read. Having been a boy who didn’t want to read, I know there is some truth to that. But, I also know if you give them something interesting and relatable, then they will read it . . . Boys tell me they have never been interested in reading until they read my book, and that’s the greatest reward.

Kwame Alexander

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