BCBA Spotlight: Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli is an author from Killeen, Texas. She was a teacher for many years before founding her own school, The English Schoolhouse, two years ago in Rome, Italy (read about her serendipitous transition from Texas to Italy). The school’s mission was to help Italian children learn English. However, it has since transformed into a boutique publishing house where Pizzoli publishes her own books. Her first children’s book, The Ghanaian Goldilocks, is a modern spin on the well-known Goldilocks story. Among her other books are several alphabet books and Auntie Nappy, a personal story written for her young sons. It honors the life of Pizzoli’s sister and deals with love and loss. Dr. Pizzoli is in the process of publishing another alphabet book, B is for Breakdancing, and we think you’ll be hearing a lot more from her and The English Schoolhouse in the future.

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Reading from diverse literature is such a gift for children and adults alike. The cultural nuances and lessons presented with each story are true gifts. I think every single occurrence in life is a story, so it makes sense that we are introduced to and explore new concepts through stories.

Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

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