Authors Recently Added (12/08/15)

Opal Palmer Adisa

Pina, the Many-Eyed Fruit (1985)

Rebecca Carroll 

Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America

Breena Clarke 
River, Cross My Heart

Afua Cooper 

The Red Caterpillar on College Street (1989)

Courtney Davis

S Is for South Side: The Alphabet Visits Chicago

David Anthony Durham
Gabriel’s Story

Keith Fulton 


Frederic Guirma

Tales of Mogho: African Stories from Upper Volta (1971)

Princes of the Full Moon (1970)


Wally Amos Presents Chip & Cookie: No More Chocolate Chips! (2005)

 Anthony Ant and the Grady Grasshopper (2004)

For the Love of Life (2002)

The Sun is On (1981)

Rhythm and Dues (1981)

Going Through Changes (1977)

Black is Beautiful (1971)

Miles McPherson

Bad to the Bone (1999)

Pamela Claire Mordecai

Ezra’s Goldfish and Other Storypoems (1995)

Don’t Ever Wake a Snake (1991)

Storypoems: a First Collection (1987)

Abel O’Keragori
Totems of the Kisii

Z.Z. Packer
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

Desmond Reid 

Dana Meets the Cow Who Lost Its Moo (1984)

Adjai Robinson 

Three African Tales (1979)

Singing Tales of Africa (1974)

Kasho and the Twin Flutes (1973) 
Femi and Old Granddaddie

Danzy Senna

Velma Maia Thomas 

We Shall Not Be Moved

Freedom’s Children: The Passage from Emancipation to the Great Migration

Lest We Forget: The Passage from Africa to Slavery and Emancipation 

Dawn Turner Trice

Only Twice I’ve Wished for Heaven

Gregory Walker (Brother G.)

 African Atlantis Unbound (Shades of Memnon, #3) (2005)

Ra Force Rising (Shades of Memnon, #2) (2000)

Shades of Memnon #1 (2002)

Princess Nefertari: Protectress of the Nile (Nefertari Saga Book 1) (2014)

Nimrod The Hunter: (Nimrod the Hunter Book 1) (2014)

Rebecca Walker

Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self 


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