Authors Recently Added (11/09/2015)

Starr T. Balmer 

Scary, Scary Sasha

Marie A. Celestin

The Unaccepted Child

Kioi wa Mbugua

Inkishu: Nkai’s Great Gift

Inkishu: Myths and Legends of the Massai

Denise Walter McConduit

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Read

D.J. and the Saints

D. J. and the Debutante Ball (The D. J. Series #3)

D. J. and the Jazz Fest (The D. J. Series #2)

J. and the Zulu Parade (The D. J. Series #1) 

Sundaira Morninghouse

Habari Gani? What’s the News?


Vivian W. Owens

How Oswa Came to Own All Music

The Mount Dorans: African American History Notes of a Florida Town

I Met a Great Man

I Met a Great Lady

Chemistry Quickies

The Rose Bush Witch

Nadanda, the Wordmaker

Andrea Ross

To Touch the Sun

Chester Earth Ant/Fire! Fire!

I’m Bear: How Chester Got His Name

The Boy King

Chester Earth Ant/Right Choice

Smiles Are for Morning

Chester Earth Ant/Alphabets

Littlest Ballerina

Chester Earth Ant Visits Margaret

Chester Earth Ant (1996)

Comic Tale Easy Reader (1991)

Chester Goes to the Valley (1991)

All about Turtles (1990)

Comic Tale Easy Reader #1 (1987)

Oscar Crab and Rallo Car (1987)

Poenisha (1986) (poetry)

Comic Tale Easy Reader: Seymour the Turtle (1984)

Comic Tale Easy Reader (1984)

Chester the Little Black Earth Ant (1980)

Efua Sutherland (Theodora Morgue) 

The Voice in the Forest

Playtime in Africa

Edger White 

Children at Night

Sati the Rastefarian

Omar at Christmas

Maiya Williams

Middle-School Cool

The Fizzy Whiz Kid 

The Hour of the Outlaw #3

The Hour of the Cobra #2

The Golden Hour #1

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