Weatherford, Carole Boston

Weatherford, Carole Boston

Carole Boston Weatherford

You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen (2016)

Freedom in Congo Square (2015)

Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: The Spirit of the Civil Rights Movement (2015) 

Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America (2015)

Leontyne Price: Voice of a Century (2014)

Sugar Hill: Harlem’s Historic Neighborhood (2014) 

Africa (2013) 

Oprah: The Little Speaker (2010)

Michelle Obama: First Mom (2010)

Obama: Only in America (2009)

The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights (2009) 

First Pooch: The Obamas Pick a Pet (2009) 

Racing Against the Odds: The Story of Wendell Scott, Stock Car Racing’s African-American Champion (2009)

Before John Was a Jazz Giant:  A Song of John Coltrane (2008)

Becoming Billie Holiday (2008) 

Birmingham: 1963 (2007)

I, Matthew Henson (2007) 

Jesse Owens and the 1936 Olympics (2006)

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom (2006)

Dear Mr. Rosenwald (2006) 

The Carolina Parakeet: America’s Lost Parrot in Art and Memory (2006)

Champions on the Bench:  The 1955 Cannon Street YMCA All-Stars (2006)

A Negro League Scrapbook (2005) 

Freedom on the Menu:  The Greensboro Sit-ins (2004) 

Great African-American Lawyers: Raising the Bar of Freedom (2003) 

Remember the Bridge: Poems of a People (2002) 

Princeville:  The 500-Year Flood (2001)

Sidewalk Chalk (2001)

The Sound That Jazz Makes (2000)

The African-American Struggle for Legal Equality in American History (2000)

Jazz Baby (2000) 

Sink or Swim:  African-American Lifesavers of the Outer Banks (1999) 

The Tar Baby on the Soapbox (1999) 

Mighty Menfolk (1997) 

My Favorite Toy (1997)

Me and My Family Tree (1997)

Grandma and Me (1996) 

Juneteenth Jamboree (1995) 

Remember Me: A Legacy of African-Americans (1994)