Ross, Andrea

Andrea Ross

To Touch the Sun (2006) 

-Chester Earth Ant/Fire! Fire! (2005)

I’m Bear: How Chester Got His Name (2001) 

-The Boy King (2000)

-Chester Earth Ant/Right Choice (2000)

-Smiles Are for Morning (1999)

-Chester Earth Ant/Alphabets (1999)

Littlest Ballerina (1996) 

-Chester Earth Ant Visits Margaret (1996)

-Chester Earth Ant (1996)

-Comic Tale Easy Reader (1991)

-Chester Goes to the Valley (1991)

-All about Turtles (1990)

-Comic Tale Easy Reader #1 (1987)

-Oscar Crab and Rallo Car (1987)

-Poenisha (1986) (poetry)

-Comic Tale Easy Reader: Seymour the Turtle (1984)

-Comic Tale Easy Reader (1984)

-Chester the Little Black Earth Ant (1980)