Jackson, Garnet Nelson

Garnet Nelson Jackson

Martin Luther King Jr.: a Man of Peace (2001)

Famous Explorers (2000)

The First Thanksgiving (2000)

George Washington: Our First President (2000)

Toni Morrison: Author (1995)

Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court Justice (1994) 

Shirley Chisholm: Congresswoman (1994)

Selma Burke: Artist (1994) 

Maggie Walker: Business Leader (1994) 

Charles Drew: Doctor (1993)

Rosa Parks: Hero of Our Time (1993)  

Phillis Wheatley: Poet (1993)  

Elijah McCoy: Inventor (1993)

Benjamin Banneker: Scientist (1993)  

The Little African King (1990)

I Am an African American Child (1990)