Aiken, Se’Quince

Aiken, Se’Quince

Se’Quince Aiken

Long before I started writing, my passion was reading of romance novels and vampire love stories such as the Twilight Saga series. I would read magazines and news articles to keep abreast of what was going on around the world. Everyday when I come home from school I would get on my laptop and catch up on days events around the world. Over a few years, I have talked about writing a book. Not just any book, my story Life is a Journey. Life is a Journey is about me living and accepting my disability cerebral palsy.

I am new inspiring author and a public speaker. I own my own publishing company along with my mother at Rahway Girlz Publishing. I have always wanted to have a name behind my book and so I became self-published. I reside in New Jersey with both of my parents and twin sister and dog Pepper. I have been writing for over a year and continues to do so by just publishing my second book Surrender. Surrender is a poetry book of my own thoughts and feelings.

Se’Quince third book Butterfly Unique is now available on the website and Amazon. Se’Quince fourth book Run is coming soon 2016. No release date yet.

Our Goal is to provide inspiration! Se’Quince Aiken, who lives with a disability, wants everyone to know that even though you may have a disability, you musn’t let anyone tell you that your dreams won’t come true. Your voice needs to heard!

Butterfly Unique (2016)

Life is a Journey (2014)

Surrender (2014)