25 Picture Books for National Grandparents Day

Sunday, September 10, 2017 is National Grandparent’s Day. While the day is not a federal or state holiday, a presidential proclamation was issued by Jimmy Carter in 1979, which made it an official observance. Since then Grandparent’s Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Grandparents play a crucial role in many families. Not only are they often called upon to step in as caregivers, they are esteemed for their wisdom, friendship, and for cooking delicious food. The 25 picture books listed offer a wide-range of enjoyable stories that feature grandmothers and grandfathers, some are affectionately called Nana, Pop Pop, Bigmama, and other endearing names. These books are great additions to any classroom or home library. Happy Grandparents Day!

Grandma’s Pride – Becky Birtha, Illustrator – Colin Bootman  

Grandma’s Purple Flowers – Adjoa J. Burrowes  

The Glass Bottle Tree – Evelyn Coleman, Illustrator – Gail G. Carter  

Bigmama’s – Donald Crews  

Piano Man – Deborah M. Newton Chocolate, Illustrator – Eric Velasquez 

Granddaddy’s Street Songs – Monalisa DeGross, Illustrator – Floyd Cooper 

Just Right Stew – Karen English, Illustrator – Anna Rich

The Patchwork Quilt – Valerie Flournoy, Illustrator – Jerry Pinkney

Things I Like About Grandma – Francine Haskins 

When I Was Little – Toyomi Igus, Illustrator – Higgins Bond 

Quinnie Blue – Dinah Johnson, Illustrator – James Ransome   

Grandpa’s Face – Eloise Greenfield, Illustrator – Floyd Cooper  

Grandma’s Hands – Dolores Johnson

My Caribbean Grandma – Sandra Campbell-Notice, Illustrator – Anura Sirnath  

Tea Cakes for Tosh – Kelly Starling Lyons, Illustrator – E. B. Lewis   

Way Up and Over Everything – Alice McGill, Illustrator – Jude Daley  

Granddaddy’s Gift – Margaree King Mitchell, Illustrator – Larry Johnson  

Don’t Call Me Grandma – Vauda Micheaux Nelson, Illustrator – Elizabeth Zunon 

My Pop Pop and Me – Irene Smalls, Illustrator – Cathy Ann Johnson 

Grandpa’s Visit – Ricardo Keens-Douglas, Illustrator – Frances Clancy  

Grandma Nana – Veronique Tadjo, Illustrator – Kanai Datta  

When Jo Louis Won the Title – Belinda Rochelle, Illustrator – Larry Johnson 

Nana’s Cold DaysAdwoa Badoe, Illustrator – Bushra Junaid 

Janna and the Kings – Patricia Smith, Illustrator – Aaron Boyd 

The Grandad Tree – Trish Cooke, Illustrator – Sharon Wilson  

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