10 Middle and YA Books that Recognize Blacks in the Military

There are countless children’s books about Harriet Tubman who is mostly known for escaping slavery and fearlessly returning to the South to liberate others via the Underground Railroad. But a lesser known fact is that she was also a Union spy during the Civil War and was buried with military honors. Cathy Williams disguised herself as a man to serve with the Buffalo Soldiers, a regiment of the United State Army. Susie King Taylor, the first Black army nurse during the Civil War, wrote Reminiscences of My Life in Camp: An African American Woman’s Civil War Memoir. Black men and women who have served in the military during pivotal moments in American history do not get the recognition they deserve. These people faced the evils of racism in their own country but truly believed America would honor its promise of “liberty and justice for all.” In the article, “The Tragic Forgotten History of Black Military Veterans,” Bryan Stevenson said, “We do so much in this country to celebrate and honor folks who risk their lives on the battlefield, [b]ut we don’t remember that black veterans were more likely to be attacked for their service than honored for it.” The books listed tell the stories of those who deserve recognition and honor for their service. Our stories matter.

You Can Fly: The Tuskegee AirmenCarole Boston Weatherford, Illustrator – Jeffery Boston Weatherford | Purchase 

Come All You Brave Soldiers: Blacks in the Revolutionary WarClinton Cox | Purchase 

Undying Glory: The Story of the Massachusetts 54th RegimentClinton Cox | Purchase 

African American Military HeroesJim Haskins | Purchase 

Red-Tail Angels: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II – Patricia & Fredrick McKissack | Purchase 

Crispus Attucks: Black Leader of Colonial Patriots Dharathula Millender, Illustrator – Gray Morrow | Purchase 

The Harlem Hellfighters: When Pride Met CourageWalter Dean Myers & Bill Miles | Purchase 

Between Two Fires: Black Soldiers in the Civil WarJoyce Hansen | Purchase   

Black, Blue & Gray: African Americans In the Civil War – James Haskins | Purchase

Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anthony Walton | Purchase 

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